Joe's Top Issues

Criminal Justice Reform

The school to prison pipeline, decriminalization of marijuana and mental health illness in the prison system represent just a small number of the issues we will confront at the Virginia General Assembly. I am no stranger to the school to prison pipeline, my high school best friend will not be released from prison until 2036. At the time of his release at the age 47, he will not have spent any of his adulthood as a free man. As your Delegate, we will continue to champion the Commonwealth of Virginia to lead the nation in criminal justice reform.


As a graduate of Granby High School, I understand the importance of quality public education. The General Assembly’s current practice of imposing unfunded mandates creates a hardship for school systems that are already operating with finite resources. I firmly believe that the General Assembly should not put any additional budgetary stress on teachers and school systems with mandates that have no state funding.

Economic Justice

As your Delegate, I will advocate for an increase in Virginia’s minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. As a former Commissioner of Poverty in Norfolk, I was able to engage with residents and hear first-hand accounts from many of the city’s full time workers who still lived in poverty. A higher minimum wage in the Commonwealth would lead to a higher quality of life for residents and increased economic activity for businesses. As your delegate, I will continue to support efforts to raise the minimum wage in Virginia.